100% Lifetime Warranty

Best Warranty on the Planet! If your SmokeTip battery stops working, you get a free replacement sent out with your next cartridge order – for life.

It get's better... why go through the hassle of getting an RMA and returning anything? Ever? Every time you purchase (3) or more 10 packs of cartridges you will receive one FREE BATTERY per order. You will have so many spare batteries you won't know what to do with them! 2 for the car, one in your desk drawer, 3 in the hallway closet, one behind your ear and... ok... you get the point.

BUT if you do decide to send them back, you must obtain an RMA from Customer service at help.smoketip.com. Upon receipt, a replacement battery will be sent out to you with your next cartridge order. For complete details, go to our help desk at help.smoketip.com. All accessories come with a 90 day warranty.

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